About me

I'm a Graphic Designer

Aah, good old Graphic Design. We had such a great time. It seems like it was only yesterday that we first met. It was thanks to Photoshop we first lay eyes on each other. Do you remember the things we did with his brush tool. It was barely legal! Luckely there was Illustrator to keep it all vector and Indesign to put it all together.

You felt suspicious when Fireworks came along. You felt me sliding towards Webdevelopment. And you were right. There was an attraction. But hey, it's thanks to you I'm so great with her.

I'm a Webdeveloper

The first time I saw Webdevelopment, it was love at first sight. Since the day we met there wasn't a moment I didn't think of her. I had to be careful though. After all, I still had a 9 year old relationship going on with Graphic Design. But that didn't stop us. In the beginning we met after nighttime, at the end we couldn't care less and started dating through daytime.

Wherever she was, I was there, scripting her code, while she was pleasing my HTML. It was her CSS that made me crazy, especially when she told me it was her third.

I'm a photographer

Stubborn photography, you never gave up. I liked you when you were analog. But you convinced me to come back to you, to the newer you, the digital one.

I have to admit this digital thing has got some advantages. I can shoot all day long, try out some new stuff, stuff we've never done before. But still… I miss the old you, where we could take our time and end up in the darkroom. Opening your can, developing your film. Aah, good old days.

Stubborn photography, I'll never give up on you. Old habits die hard.